Gamut Day Thirteen: Almost 50%, $26,000!

We’re almost at 50%, currently with $25,675 raised in thirteen days!

Today we will give away another lifetime membership at the $26,000 mark. We also have a lot of great rewards still left (although 13 have already sold out) including postcards, editing packages, books, videos, classes and more! Consider joining or upgrading today!


Michael Bailey will design a full wraparound book cover. Previous cover design includes the Bram Stoker Award nominated QUALIA NOUS, THE LIBRARY OF THE DEAD, and the CHIRAL MAD anthologies. As a bonus perk, he will also Tuckerize you (or someone you know, with their permission) as a main character in an original short story. Michael is the founder of Written Backwards, the Managing Editor of Science Fiction for Dark Regions Press, and a multi-award winning author and editor of speculative fiction. (This is a great price, I routinely pay $1,000 for cover and layout of my books at Dark House Press, with original art alone running $300-500.)


Last minute Valentine’s Day Gift? WHY YES! How about a subscription to Gamut!?!? (I know, I’m starting to sound like the Ronco guy. Should I throw in a set of steak knives?) But really, and I’ll post about this tomorrow, what separates the fiction we’re going to publish from a lot of places is the HEART that’s in our stories. I have to feel something in order to care, and the authors (and stories) I’ve already solicited definitely get an emotional response out of me. I’m adding in a special reward today—one for you, and one for a friend, significant other, spouse, or peer.


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