Gamut Day Thirteen: Almost 50%, $26,000!

We’re almost at 50%, currently with $25,675 raised in thirteen days!

Today we will give away another lifetime membership at the $26,000 mark. We also have a lot of great rewards still left (although 13 have already sold out) including postcards, editing packages, books, videos, classes and more! Consider joining or upgrading today!


Michael Bailey will design a full wraparound book cover. Previous cover design includes the Bram Stoker Award nominated QUALIA NOUS, THE LIBRARY OF THE DEAD, and the CHIRAL MAD anthologies. As a bonus perk, he will also Tuckerize you (or someone you know, with their permission) as a main character in an original short story. Michael is the founder of Written Backwards, the Managing Editor of Science Fiction for Dark Regions Press, and a multi-award winning author and editor of speculative fiction. (This is a great price, I routinely pay $1,000 for cover and layout of my books at Dark House Press, with original art alone running $300-500.)


Last minute Valentine’s Day Gift? WHY YES! How about a subscription to Gamut!?!? (I know, I’m starting to sound like the Ronco guy. Should I throw in a set of steak knives?) But really, and I’ll post about this tomorrow, what separates the fiction we’re going to publish from a lot of places is the HEART that’s in our stories. I have to feel something in order to care, and the authors (and stories) I’ve already solicited definitely get an emotional response out of me. I’m adding in a special reward today—one for you, and one for a friend, significant other, spouse, or peer.


“Repent” accepted for Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories anthology


(Cover art by Caitlin Hackett )

Thrilled to announce my 6,000-word story, “Repent” has just been accepted for Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, alongside Neil Gaiman! Did you read that there—Neil Gaiman! Wow. I mean, I’ve published alongside Stephen King four times now (Shivers VI, Cemetery Dance #72, and Chiral Mad 2 & 3) but this is the first time with Neil. I’m a big fan of his work, loved American Gods and Anansi Boys, as well as Neverwhere, Coraline, and of course The Sandman series.

Edited by Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward (who also edited Shadows Over Main Street, which included my story, “White Picket Fences”) this anthology also includes fiction from Amanda Gowin, Brian Kirk, and John F.D. Taff. More names and stories TBD/TBA, but I’m really excited to see who else joins us.

Out with Crystal Lake Publishing in 2016. I’m a big fan of CLP, and I’ll have an announcement about another project I’m doing with them in 2016, but I did publish a story with them in the Fear the Reaper anthology and some non-fiction in the Horror 101: The Way Forward anthology as well. Joe Myndhardt is doing great things over there.

More news to come!