Spontaneous Human Combustion is a Bram Stoker Award Finalist!

It’s official! Spontaneous Human Combustion has been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award in the Fiction Collection category! The email just went out. Best of luck to everyone on the ballot—so many friends, peers, and students. Very exciting.

Author of the Week, Richard Thomas, May 15

Getting some love here from Paula. THANKS!

Paula Cappa


Richard Thomas

( Dark Fiction, Horror Novels, Short Stories. Publisher, Editor, Teacher)

“To me, the best horror is a balance between terror and horror—the clues, the foreshadowing, the uncertainty, the unknown paired with the horror of the reveal, the truth, the violence, the monster come home to roost.

“I’m also drawn to more psychological horror, how the layers of body, mind, and soul go deep into the storytelling to get you to turn the page, feel strong emotions, and then blow your mind, staying with you long after you put the book or story down.”

“You know that part of your writing that you question—that’s weird and doesn’t fit neatly into a genre or mold? Write more of that. Please.”

“What I’m looking for in my writing these days is the journey—up and down, left and right, dark and light—landing somewhere that holds promise…

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“Oscillation” Accepted at Lightspeed

I’m thrilled to announce that my short story, “Oscillation” will be published in an upcoming issue of Lightspeed magazine. Excited to work with John Joseph Adams, and I have to admit that this is a white whale, a market I’ve been trying to get into for a long time. Very excited. More news and release date/issue to come.

Vote in the Locus Awards!

Only 4 days left to vote in the Locus Awards. Anyone can vote! Anyone! And you can write in votes as well. Easy-peasy. Vote for your faves.


Check Out the Artwork for Cemetery Dance #78.

Got my contributor copies of CEMETERY DANCE #78 today. Excellent artwork by Chad Savage. Hope you dig my story! https://www.cemeterydance.com/cemeterydance78

Cemetery Dance #78 is Now Out, With My Story, “Battle Not With Monsters.”

Cemetery Dance #78 is now up on their website. It contains my story, “Battle Not With Monsters.” Excellent TOC.

I Did a Podcast—Retro Ridoctopus, and Had a Blast!

“We locked him up in THE BRIG to talk about his newest release “Spontaneous Human Combustion” which has made the final ballot for the 2022 Bram Stoker Awards! The discussion turns to famous authors who have helped him along the way and plenty of stuff about the craft itself. And later on, Richard reads us his story “Undone” in its entirety!”

Click on over and have a listen!

Spontaneous Human Combustion Makes the Locus 2022 Recommended Reading List!

Glad to see that my fourth collection of stories, SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION, made the 2022 Locus Recommended Reading List. My hybrid work often combines horror with fantasy or science fiction, so it means a lot to be on this list. I didn’t plan on my novelette, “Ring of Fire” (which closes out the collection) being a science fiction/horror story, but when I look back on the influences (The Warren by Brian Evenson, and the films Moon and Ex Machina) I can see how it turned out that way. Good luck everyone!

Preliminary Bram Stoker Ballot for Spontaneous Human Combustion!

I’m thrilled to announce that my fourth short story collection, SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION, has made the Preliminary Bram Stoker ballot in the Fiction Collection category. If you are an active member and would like a PDF please DM/PM me or email me at richardgthomasiii@gmail.com. THANKS! Best of luck to everyone, in every category. Very exciting.

Story Acceptance! Azathoth Anthology.

Big announcement! It’s official!! I will have a short story in the cosmic horror anthology Azathoth: Ordo ab Chao edited by Aaron J. French to be released in May 2023 from JournalStone.

Thank you, Aaron, for putting together an amazing anthology. Thrilled to share this space with so many amazing authors and friends.

• Ordo ab Chao: Toward That Endlessness (Poem) by Maxwell Ian Gold
• Expatriate by Jamieson Ridenhour
• Making a Difference by Brian Evenson
• Agent of Chaos by Ursula Vernon
• The Recreationist by Kaaron Warren
• The Root King by Lauri Taneli Lassila
• The Blind God’s Game by Matthew Cheney
• Church of the Void by Donald Tyson
• Upon an Iron Bed, Under the Eyes of Chaos by Richard Gavin
• …And Peer Aloft to Glimpse Some Fragment by Ruthanna Emrys
• In The Grove by Erica Ruppert
• The Infinite Beat by Nathan Carson
• The Door at 21 bis rue Xavier Privas by R. B. Payne
• An Unusual Pedigree by Richard Thomas
• The Revelations of Azathoth by Lena Ng
• Dust-Clotted Eyes by Samuel Marzioli
• Primordial Jack by Akis Linardos
• Respect Your Elders by Adam Nevill