Shivers VI gets a starred review at Publisher’s Weekly

Shivers VI
Edited by Richard Chizmar.
Cemetery Dance
$20 (410p) ISBN 978-1-58767-224-8
“This sixth more or less annual mix of reprint and original stories celebrates some of the best and brightest talents who contribute regularly to Chizmar’s genre-leading magazine Cemetery Dance. Stephen King tops the list with “The Crate,” a darkly funny monster-on-the rampage tale rarely reprinted since its first publication in 1979. Lisa Tuttle’s “Bits and Pieces” is a deft and disturbing fantasia on the battle of the sexes, and Peter Straub’s novella “A Special Place: The Heart of a Dark Matter” is a grim tale whose stand-alone incarnation was named one of 2010’s best books by PW. The other 18 stories, which include work by Glen Hirshberg, Melanie Tem, Brian Hodge, and David B. Silva, run the gamut from supernatural terror to psychological suspense, and from subtle dark fantasy to violence and gore. The uniformly high quality of writing makes this volume a must for any horror fan. (May)”

That line there “…other 18 stories” oh yeah, that’s right, that’s me. My story “Stillness”. HA. Hard to stand out amongst these giants, but nice to see the press anyway. Congrats Cemetery Dance.

4 Comments on “Shivers VI gets a starred review at Publisher’s Weekly”

  1. Hey man, that’s where to be in the line up. Back in the day those ‘also featured’ went by names like Wells, Stevenson, Leroux, Poe, and Lovecraft, dig? Not that you seem bent out of shape, I just think it’s the most hardcore–it’s gonna be your piece someone comes across in years like a little treasure, that thing they don;t even know to be looking for and it just throttles them–shit, I remember when I found “To All The Rude People” just buried in an Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine anthology and it flattened me out. Well done.

  2. thanks so much, i’m totally stoked to be in here no doubt about that, appreciate the kind words, i’m honored, really – never thought it would happen, to be honest, grew up reading king and straub

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