“Battle Not with Monsters” accepted by Cemetery Dance

Big news! Thrilled to announce that my short story, “Battle Not with Monsters” has been accepted by Cemetery Dance magazine, and will be out with them in 2018. This will be my second story in the magazine (I was in Issue #72 alongside Stephen King last year), my third with them in general (“Stillness” in Shivers VI my first), and fourth acceptance overall (my collection Tribulations was released in eBook with CD last year). Huge fan of the work they’re doing, and it’s an honor to publish with them again. Thank you Richard Chizmar, Blu Gilliand, Norman Prentiss, and Brian Freeman for your continued support. Means a lot.

The eBook for Tribulations is now out with Cemetery Dance.


Thrilled that I can finally announce the eBook of my third short story collection Tribulations is out now with Cemetery Dance Publications. Long time fan of CD, bought so many Stephen King titles from them over the years. I’ve previously published a short story, “Stillness” in Shivers VI (alongside Stephen King and Peter Straub) as well as “Chasing Ghosts” in Cemetery Dance #72 (also alongside Stephen King—it’s like the dude is stalking me).

“Chasing Ghosts” out now in Cemetery Dance #72 – with Stephen King!

CD#72Okay, not only did my story, “Chasing Ghosts” come out in Cemetery Dance #72 today,
but guess who is in there with me? STEPHEN KING! This will be the THIRD time I’ve
published alongside him. What a thrill. Honored to be in here with SK, as well as
the rest of the authors.This has been a LONG time coming, a white whale I’ve been
chasing for years. I’m honored to be in here. And, my name on the cover, too!

Here’s the full table of contents:

Issue #72

Publication Date: January 2015
Cover Artist: Stacey Drum
Interior Artists: Chris Bankston, Mark Edwar Geyer, Stephen C. Gilberts,
Chris Odgers, Shane Smith, Luke Spooner
Page Count: 80

“Summer Thunder” by Stephen King
“Incarnadine” by Norman Partridge
“The Cambion” by Stephen Bacon
“Barn Dance” by Tim Davis
“Chasing Ghosts” by Richard Thomas
“Anti-Theft” by Victorya Chase

“The Zebra Interviews: Rick Hautala, Ronald Kelly,
and C. Dean Andersson” by Christopher Fulbright
“Feature Review: Revival by Stephen King” by Bev Vincent

The Usual Suspects
“Words from the Editor” by Richard Chizmar
“Stephen King News: From the Dead Zone” by Bev Vincent
“The Mothers and Fathers Italian Association” by Thomas F. Monteleone
“MediaDrome” by Michael Marano
“The Last 10 Books I’ve Read” by Ellen Datlow
“Fine Points” by Ed Gorman
“Spotlight on Publishing” by Robert Morrish
“Horror Drive-In” by Mark Sieber
“Cemetery Dance Reviews”

Complete List of Stories in Print


Here is a complete list of all of my stories that are in print, or digital only format.
It’s in reverse chronological order. Enjoy!

UPDATED: December 15, 2018

It’s Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life
“The Many Faces of Horror: Craft Techniques” (non-fiction)
(Crystal Lake Publications)

Chiral Mad 4: An Anthology of Collaborations – “Golden Sun” novelette
with Damien Angelica Walters, Michael Wehunt, and Kristi DeMeester
(Written Backwards)

Mythos Magazine – “White Picket Fences”


Gorgon: Stories of Emergence – “Undone” (Pantheon)


Lost Highways: Dark Fictions from the Road – “Requital” (Crystal Lake Publishing)


Where Nightmares Come From: The Art of Storytelling in the Horror Genre
“Storytelling Techniques” (non-fiction)
(Crystal Lake Publishing)

Deciduous Tales (Debut Issue) – “Nodus Tollens”


Behold: Oddities Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders – “Hiraeth”
(Crystal Lake Publishing)


The Soul Standard – Golden Geese (novella) (Dzanc Books)

soul standard cover(1)
Blue Monday Review, Vol. 3, No. 2 – “How Not to Come Undone”

BMR copy
Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories – “Repent” (Crystal Lake Publishing)

Tribulations (Crystal Lake Publishing / Cemetery Dance)

Chiral Mad 3 – “The Offering on the Hill” (Written Backwards)

Blue Monday Review, Vol. 2, No. 3 – “Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave”

Gaia: Shadow & Breath Vol. 2 – “Asking for Forgiveness” (Pantheon Magazine)


Slave Stories – “From Within” (Omnium Gatherum)

Cemetery Dance #72 – “Chasing Ghosts”

XIII: Stories of Transformation – “Chrysalis” (Resurrection House)

XIII_coverLitro UK #138 – “Little Red Wagon”

LitroUK138 LitroSpread

Truth or Dare? – “Shackled to the Shadows” (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)

22 More Quick Shivers – “Homecoming” (Daily Nightmare)

Dead Harvest – “Bringing in the Sheaves” (Scarlett Galleon Publications)

Qualia Nous – “The Jenny Store” (Written Backwards)

Pantheon Magazine (Ares Issue) – “The God of War”

Penumbra Magazine (Pain Issue) – “Balance Sheet”

Horror 101: This Way Forward – essay,
“The Journey of ‘Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears” (non-fiction)
(Crystal Lake Publishing)

Shadows Over Main Street – “White Picket Fences”
(Hazardous Press / Cutting Block Books)

Gaia: Shadow and Breath – “Flowers for Jessica” (Pantheon Magazine)

Vignettes from the End of the World  – “This is How It Ends, My Love.”

Pantheon Magazine (Aphrodite Issue) – “Rapture”

Trouble in the Heartland – “Because the Night” (Gutter Books)

Pantheon Magazine (Dionysus Issue) – “Head Like a Hole”

Chiral Mad 2 – “Playing With Fire” (Written Backwards)

Fear the Reaper – “The Culling” (Crystal Lake Publishing)

Fear the Reaper FB version
Best of the Horror Society 2013 – “Victimized”

Reloaded: Both Barrels, Volume 2 – “Trinity” (One Eye Press)

Bleed – “Death Knell” (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)

Cipher Sisters – “Dance, Darling” (Thunderdome Press)

Booked Anthology – “Surrender” (Booked Podcast)

Staring into the Abyss (Kraken Press)

Daddy Cool – “Bloodline” (Artistically Declined Press)

Best of Surreal Grotesque – “Vision Quest”

Midwestern Gothic – “Garage Sales”

Arcadia Magazine – “Chrysalis”


Sanitarium Magazine – “Bringing in the Sheaves”

Weird Fiction Review – “Flowers for Jessica”

Into the Darkness – “The Wastelands” (Necro Publications)

Nova Parade – “On a Bent Nail Head” (Solarcide)

Terror Scribes – “Transmogrify” (Dog Horn Publishing)

One Buck Horror – “Wicker Park Pause”

Gargoyle Magazine – “Tinkering With the Moon”


Curbside Splendor – “Divining”

Slices of Flesh – “Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears” (Dark Moon Books)

In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1,000 Words – “The Jenny Store” (Thunderdome Press)

Dark Moon Digest Presents: Vampires! – “Transmogrify” (Dark Moon Books)

Warmed and Bound – “Say Yes to Pleasure” (Velvet Press)

Speedloader – “Herniated Roots” (Snubnose Press)


Shivers VI – “Stillness” (Cemetery Dance)


FREE eSingle, “Transmogrify” to release before Staring Into the Abyss (Kraken Press)

We’re going to be giving away a FREE eSingle of my contemporary vampire short story, “Transmogrify” soon. Cinder (Cindy to her friends) feeds on negative energy—she’s a psychic vampire, or energivore, a bit of a twist on the classic tale. It’s in my upcoming collection of neo-noir and horror stories, Staring Into the Abyss (Kraken Press) which is out in March. I just wanted to share this excellent cover art by George Cotronis and get you excited about the collection.

There are some fantastic stories in here, including “Maker of Flight” which won a contest at ChiZine, “Stillness” which was in Shivers VI (Cemetery Dance) with Stephen King and Peter Straub, “Splintered” which was in PANK, “Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears” which was in Slices of Flesh (Dark Moon Books) with Jack Ketchum, Ramsey Campbell and Graham Masterson, and “Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave,” which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Metazen. So STAY TUNED!

Table of Contents:

Maker of Flight
Steel-Toed Boots
Underground Wonder Bound
Twenty-Dollar Bill
Paying Up
Ten Steps
Stephen King Ate My Brain
Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave
Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears

Release the Kraken! My short story collection, Staring Into the Abyss, will be out later this year.

That’s right, my second short story collection, Staring Into the Abyss, will be out later this year from Kraken Press. It’s a collection of 20 dark stories, neo-noir leaning towards horror, and some of my best work to date. Want to know more? Head over to their website or just keep reading. We’re targeting March, but definitely the first half of 2013. And it looks like it will be a book club selection over at LitReactor as well, probably July or August. More information to come.

FROM THE  JACKET: As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster; and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you.” In this collection of short stories Richard Thomas shows us in dark, layered prose the human condition in all of its beauty and dysfunction. A man sits in a high tower making tiny, mechanical birds, longing for the day when he might see the sky again. A couple spends an evening in an underground sex club where jealousy and possession are the means of barter. A woman is victimized as a child, and turns that rage and vengeance into a lifelong mission, only to self-destruct, and become exactly what she battled against. A couple hears the echo of the many reasons they’ve stayed together, and the one reason the finally have to part. And a boy deals with a beast that visits him on a nightly basis, not so much a shadow, as a fixture in his home. These 20 stories will take you into the darkness, and sometimes bring you back. But now and then there is no getting out, the lights have faded, the pitch black wrapping around you like a festering blanket of lies. What will you do now? It’s eat or be eaten—so bring a strong stomach and a hearty appetite.

It includes my contest winning “Maker of Flight,” my longest short story to date, “Victimized,” a Pushcart nominee in “Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave,” and much more. Full TOC below. I hope you’ll pick it up when it comes out. It’s a little over 130 pages, about 32,000 words.

Special thanks have to go out George Cotronis for his amazing cover design. That’s part of the reason I signed up with him, he’s a globally recognized illustrator and artist, and his work is just fantastic.


Maker of Flight 14
Steel-Toed Boots 18
Freedom 22
Committed 30
Splintered 34
Fallible 40
Stillness 42
Fringe 48
Underground Wonder Bound 52
Amazement 58
Victimized 62
Twenty-Dollar Bill 80
Interview 86
Paying Up 94
Ten Steps 98
Honor 106
Stephen King Ate My Brain 112
Twenty Reasons to Stay and One to Leave 116
Transmogrify 120
Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears 130

Cemetery Dance Contest – Spread the Word

These guys at Cemetery Dance are promoting, publishing and discovering some of the best names in horror. Do whatever you can to support them. They gave me a big break, accepting my story “Stillness” in Shivers VI (with Stephen King and Peter Straub) and I’ll be eternally grateful for that support. I’ve bought their books for years.

They have a contest going, check it out:


$200 in FREE BOOKS!