Review of Normally Special by xTx is now live up at The Nervous Breakdown

My review of Normally Special by xTx is now live at The Nervous Breakdown.

This is the debut collection from Tiny Hardcore Press and Roxane Gay. INTENSE stuff. How intense? Well, I lead off the review with this quote:

“It is difficult to masturbate about your father, but not impossible, as it turns out.”

This collection, wow, it does not pull any punches. I really loved it, and have been meaning to read more work by the elusive xTx, and this collection certainly has me down as a lifetime fan now. Whatever she’s dishing out, I’ll take a serving, second helping even. Come prepared, do not flinch, and do not look away. xTx is in that community of powerful female voices that I now keep an eye out for, and continue to devour, alongside Amelia Gray, Lindsay Hunter, Mary Miller, Holly Goddard Jones, Tina May Hall, Amber Sparks, and many others. Hop to it.

2 Comments on “Review of Normally Special by xTx is now live up at The Nervous Breakdown”

  1. What an incredible and thought provoking collection! And your review was beautifully written.

    I hopped over here from QT (raven1) and am blown away by how successful and productive you are. Those awards are impressive, as is what I’ve seen of your books / writing. If you’d interested, I’d love to have you guest blog or do an interview for my QT success series.

    Just let me know if you’d ever like to. I’m trying to show new writers that there’s more than one way to have a fruitful writing career. And you’re a prime example of that. I mean, Stephen King? Talk about inspiring.

    And thanks again for the review on this book. I would’ve never known about it otherwise.

  2. Thanks so much! You made my day. It’s up and down, you know how it is. One day I’m king of the world, the next I’m a total hack. I’d love to do something for your blog, whatever sounds most exciting to you, I’m down for it. I appreciate the support. Drop me a line at

    If you’re looking for other similar voices, I have a bunch of reviews up at TNB, here’s the link for my profile and all of the talented authors I’ve covered:

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