Neo-noir in film – An excellent blog to check out

So I ran across this blog today. It’s called Wonders in the Dark. It is so awesome. I was doing some Googling of the word neo-noir, something I do when I’m bored and ran across this site. Maurizio is a genius. His list of the Top 50 Neo-Noir films is almost a list of my own favorite movies of all time. Add American Beauty and Amelie and we’re just about done. I’ll see if I can’t open up a dialog about neo-noir literature. But if nothing else, peep his list of those films.

2 Comments on “Neo-noir in film – An excellent blog to check out”

  1. There aren’t a ton of people talking about the sub-genre of neo-noir. And while it’s primarily film where I hear this term tossed around, there is also a growing movement of neo-noir in literature. It’s what I call my own writing, and I find that the films that I’m drawn to the most, they all have that same tone, same mood, the fractured lives, the emotion and power, the dark truths that really make for a powerful experience.

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