PRISMS Table of Contents Announced, at PS Publishing, with My Story “Saudade.”

Thrilled to be a part of this excellent anthology. Announcement today from Michael Bailey:

I am proud to announce the official line-up for PRISMS, the next dark science-fiction anthology co-edited by Darren Speegle and yours truly, to be released by PS Publishing.

“We Come in Threes” – B.e. Scully
“The Girl with Black Fingers” – Roberta Lannes
“The Shimmering Wall” – Brian Evenson
“The Birth of Venus” – Ian Watson
“Fifty Super-Sad Mad Dog Sui-Homicidal Self-Sibs, All in a Leaky Tin Can Head” – Paul Di Filippo
“Encore for an Empty Sky” – Lynda E. Rucker
“Saudade” – Richard Thomas
“There is Nothing Lost” – Erinn Kemper
“The Motel Business” – Michael Marshall Smith
“The Gearbox” – Paul Meloy
“District to Cervix: The Time Before We Were Born” (novelette) – Tlotlo Tsamaase
“Here Today and Gone Tomorrow” – Chaz Brenchley
“Daylight Robbery” – Anna Taborska
“The Secrets of My Prison House” – J Lincoln Fenn
“A Luta Continua” – Nadia Bulkin
“I Shall but Love Thee Better” (novelette) – Scott Edelman

The prism: dispersion of humankind into the spectrum of herself / himself; an object, a place, or something figurative; the human condition as it relates to the self, or to humankind in general; ascension; translation…

* Note that these are not official covers of any kind, just mock-ups I created during the conception of this project.

4 comments on “PRISMS Table of Contents Announced, at PS Publishing, with My Story “Saudade.”

  1. Brian Royer says:

    Whatever happened to this book? I read somewhere one publisher turned it down, then it was with PS Publishing to be published and they, too, are no longer publishing it either…and wonder if this will be published ultimately and by whom…thanks for your reply.

    • It is FOR SURE still coming, from PS Publishing this year. I got an email from my editor today, and will be making minor edits to my story soon. So it’s set for 2020 most definitely. Thanks for asking, Brian! I’m very excited for this to come out.

      • Brian Royer says:

        Very cool…looks like a winner for sure…can’t wait and GLAD to see PS Publishing it so I know for sure it WILL come out this year. Promise to place an order for this first day they make it available for that…

      • Awesome! Thanks! Great TOC. First time alongside Brian Evenson, who has been a huge influence on my own work. Check him out if you haven’t yet.

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