Stranger Will by Caleb J. Ross – Darkness on the wings of fate.

Caleb Ross writes lyrical prose that pulls you into the politics and morality of this story, Stranger Will (Otherworld Publications). For most of us, children are the future, they represent hope and dreams. But in this novel they represent the fated, the already lost. Conspiracies only seem paranoid and insane if they have no base in reality. One of the most compelling images that has stuck with me in this novel, for years now, is the carrier pigeon, message tied to its tiny clawed foot, shot from the sky. The note stuck up on a wall, strings stretching from one place to another, one person to another, tying together layers of deceit, love, and failure. This is a novel you won’t want to put down, and will compel you to check out more work by Caleb Ross. Keep a candle lit to keep away the stench, a light on to force away the dark forces, and a prayer in your heart that none of this comes anywhere near you. Or your children.

In addition to this novel, look for his collection, Charactered Pieces for the Kindle, well worth it. He’s doing an extensive book blog tour for Stranger Will, for all of this information, visit his site, and the tour schedule. He’ll be stopping by my site here in October. Beyond his talent, Caleb is one of the smartest, most giving, and supportive authors I know.

Here is the extensive schedule. Man this guy is GOOD:

Outsider Writers Collective     3/18
Big Other (stop #1)     3/21
Gregory Frye’s Blog     3/22
Thunderdome (stop #1)     3/23
The Velvet Podcast     3/24
HTML Giant     3/26
Thunderdome (stop #2)     3/29
Nik Korpon’s blog     3/30
ArtJerk blog     4/4
Jay Slayton-Joslin’s blog     4/5     4/6
>Kill Author blog     4/7
BULL Men’s Fiction blog     4/8
Matt Bell’s blog     4/13
BL Pawelek’s blog     4/15
Lit Drift     4/18
decomPMagazine blog     4/22
Cannoli Pie     4/23
Stephen Graham Jones’ blog     4/27
Slush Pile Hero (S.S Michaels’ blog)     4/30
Chuck     5/1
Publishing Genius blog     5/2
Anthony David Jacques’ blog     5/6
Used Furniture Review (stop #1)     5/8
The Nervous Breakdown     5/10
Gloom Cupboard     5/11
This Blog Will Change Your Life (Ben Tanzer’s blog)     5/16
Used Furniture Review (stop #2)     5/18
C# Redundant (Phil Jourdan’s blog)     5/20
Nathan Tyree’s blog     5/25
Alluringly Short (Erica Mena’s blog)     5/27
No More Hot Lunches for Eddie Socko     5/30
A Bitter Look, Georgina Kamsika’s Writing Journal     6/1
Words for Guns (Matt DeBenedictis’ blog)     6/3
Undie Press     6/8
Sean P. Ferguson’s blog     6/10
Who Hub     6/13
Craig Wallwork’s blog     6/17
Electric Literature, OUTLET blog     6/22
Medialysis (Gordon Highland’s blog)     6/27
Noo Journal     7/1
Pela Via’s blog     7/6
Monkeybicycle     7/8
See Billie Write     7/11
The Write Place (Simon West-Bluford’s blog)     7/15
Tarpaulin Sky     7/20
What to Wear During an Orange Alert     7/25
Ryan W. Bradley’s blog     7/29
Justin Holt’s blog     8/3
Obscuradome (Bob Pastorella’s blog)     8/5
Red Puffin Tobacco (Mlaz Corbier’s blog)     8/8
The Little Sleep (Paul Tremblay’s blog)     8/12
Shome Dasgupta’s Blog     8/17
Power is a State of Mind (Matthew Tuckey’s blog)     8/22
PANK     8/26
Troubadour 21     9/5
mudlucious     9/9
Metazen     9/12
Impose Magazine     9/14
Dark Sky Magazine     9/19
Folded Word     9/23
unRonic (Stephen Krauska’s blog)     9/28
American Typo     10/3
Trick with a Knife     10/7
What Does Not Kill Me (Richard Thomas’ blog)     10/12
Lawn Gnomes in Space (Bradley Sands’ blog)     10/17
Eject! (Jason Kane’s blog)     10/21
Kristin Fouquet’s blog     10/26
Nothing to Say (xTx’s blog)     10/31
Chris Deal’s blog     11/4
Bukowski’s Basement     11/9
Big Other (stop #2)     11/14

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