Daily Archives: April 19, 2011

Stephen Graham Jones and Dzanc Books announce three book rEprint deal.

Dzanc Books has great taste, it seems. Not only did they sign Stephen Graham Jones to a two book deal for the distant future, with Flushboy in 2013 and Not For Nothing in 2014, but NOW they’ve announced a three book deal for their rEprint program, putting All the Beautiful Sinners (one of my all-time […]

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Out of Touch by Brandon Tietz – Pick up this novel now!

Man, I swear I posted up about Brandon‘s book when it came out. Bad label mate. SO, I’m posting up about it now. I’ve read a lot of Brandon’s short stories, and have been very impressed with his work. Like a lot of Palahniuk fans, I  avoided this book for awhile. Maybe I worried it […]

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My interview with Christopher Dwyer is LIVE at Outsider Writers Collective

I don’t want to repeat a lot of what I say in the interview, so head on over to OWC to check it out. Christopher is an author of dark fiction, one of my neo-noir brothers, and he writes surreal, layered, intense fiction. Head on over to OWC to read the interview, and pick up […]

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