My review of Forecast by Shya Scanlon is now live at The Cult

My review of Forecast by Shya Scanlon is now up  at The Cult. Vonnegut meets PKD, it’s a fantastic book. I don’t want to repeat everything I said in the review, but following this story from its original publication across dozens of websites as Forecast 42, to its publication by Flatmancrooked (which sadly is closing up shop) to the new release as an eBook, this novel has quite a history. It carries the political and philosophical angst of Vonnegut with the strange, near future visions of Philip K. Dick. This was a wild ride, one that I really enjoyed.

Kind words about Transubstantiate at Barnes and Noble.

Some very kind words from Jed Ayers (Noir at the Bar in St. Louis) about Transubstantiate in his Barnes and Noble column today, when talking about The Dewey Decimal System by Nathan Larson (which looks like a great book). I’m honored to be mentioned in the same article as so many fantastic voices. And TDDS looks like my kind of novel. Be sure to check it out. Just follow the link above.

Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction charity anthology is now for sale

Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction, edited by T.J. McIntyre is now available at Smashwords. Soon for the Kindle too. This is a charity anthology to benefit victims of the recent Alabama tornadoes. Help if you can. It includes my story “Your Enemies Will Devour You” and many other stories. My friend and Write Club / Velvet author Craig Wallwork is in here too. Big fan of his work. Spanning multiple genres – from science fiction to fantasy, from magic realism to Southern Gothic, from horror to slice-of-life – this eclectic collection presents a selection of pieces sure to please readers of all tastes.

Review of Cowboy Maloney’s Electric City by Michael Bible is now live at The Nervous Breakdown.

My review of Cowboy Maloney’s Electric City (Dark Sky Books) by Michael Bible  is now live up at The Nervous Breakdown. Great little chapbook, very entertaining, a lush read. Bits of Hunter S. Thompson, a touch of William Burroughs, maybe Denis Johnson if he was lost in the desert, and a sprinkle of Tom Robbins for laughs. Dark Sky is doing some great things. Oh, and Barry Hannah loves this guy too (RIP Barry). Well worth it.

My guest post about Black Tickets by Jayne Anne Phillips is now live at the Emerging Writers Network for Short Story Month.

I was recently introduced to Black Tickets by Jayne Anne Phillips by my professor, Dale Ray Phillips (no relation) at Murray State University. I’m getting my MFA down there and he thought the story “Home” might help me with one of my stories for my thesis. I wasn’t expecting this work to resonate with me the way it did. It blew me away. She reminds me a lot of Mary Gaitskill, as well as more contemporary voices like Lindsay Hunter, xTx, Ethel Rohan, Tina May Hall, and Jac Jemc. And that’s a good thing.

Head on over to the Emerging Writers Network to read my thoughts on this collection that was published in 1979 and has fallen off the radar a bit in recent years. Put it back on, people, this is some stunning work.