Four Days Left, Gamut is Over $43,000—Plus 11 eBooks for $11 Offer

Wow did we have a great day yesterday, our third best day of the entire Kickstarter. So what happened? The new 11 eBooks for $11 was a big success, that’s for sure. A lot of people are speaking up to support us, and that means a lot. Check out the propaganda poster that Dyer Wilk designed for us!


So, with only a few days left what can you do? Well, you can add on those 11 ebooks for $11, that’s a great start. You can considering just adding on additional money if you have it, that’s always appreciated, and can be done at any time. You can upgrade to a bigger reward. OR, you could just reach out to ONE FRIEND, somebody that you think would really enjoy this, and invite them over. And of course, if you’re tapped out, spreading the word via Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, blogs, email—we’d love to get that support, too.

You’ve all been great. Let’s push this over the finish line and make it happen.


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