Day Seventeen: Almost $30,000 and Cool New Reward!

We’re almost at $30,000!

And we’ve added a really cool new reward:



Need a book cover, poster or specific photo to go with one of your projects? Joseph Rubinstein has 15 years of photography experience working with companies like Vice, Red Bull, and Warner Bros. He will create a custom image for you based on your story and direction! This photo will include 1-2 models, make up, on a blue screen. Retouching and background compositing included. (Any specialized props or clothing must be provided by the backer). Limited. (MSRP $1,000)

For more examples of his work, and range, CLICK HERE.

Joseph Rubinstein lives in an artist’s loft in downtown Los Angeles, and holds a degree in painting and film from Savannah College of Art and Design. Joe has been a working photographer and cinematographer for 15 years. His work features fantasy elements leaning towards the macabre. Joe has had 3 gallery shows and participated in many group shows.

I’ll give away another free lifetime membership when we hit $30,000!


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