Day Five: Gamut Update!

Good morning!

Lots of stuff to talk about today.

1. We’re over $10,000 and 200 backers! If we keep up this pace we’ll fund in twenty days! To celebrate we gave away FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS to the 200th backer and a random selection. Congratulations to Seamus Scanlon (#200) and random drawing winner Brian Kirk (#14).

2. We added a new reward of rare and signed Chuck Palahniuk books from my personal collection for $200. Go take a look!

3. We added a CONSULTATION package at $60 for a subscription and 30 minutes with myself and Mercedes M. Yardley where you can ask us anything about writing, editing, publishing, etc. Limited. See reward for details.


4. I added back in another 20 SHORT STORY EDITING packages. They sold out quickly last time, and people were asking about them. See reward for information. $60.

5. We added my TRIM THE FAT class as a reward as well, which will be executed via an email, at your own pace method. $150. See reward for details. Limited.

6. We’re working on other exciting rewards, including a video session from each of the staff members on different aspects of writing. Keep an eye out for that.

7. Saturday we will be a Kickstarter FEATURED PUBLISHING PROJECT! Out of 541 live campaigns, this is quite an honor.

WHEW! Thanks for reading, thanks for being a part of this, and thank you all for spreading the word.

I can’t do this without your support.


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