Monthly Archives: April 2011

Warmed and Bound TOC – Early news

Warmed and Bound. Still very early, don’t have a release date, and no cover art yet, but look at this list! Honored to be a part of it. So awesome: Table of Contents Death Juggler by Axel Taiari Click-Clack by Caleb J Ross The World Was Clocks by Amanda Gowin Mantodea by Matt Bell All […]

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“Victimized” released as an esingle

“‘Victimized’ is one of the best pieces of bad-ass, hard-core apocalyptic noir I’ve read in a while.” –Scott Phillips, author of THE ICE HARVEST “Put your dukes up, readers, because Thomas is gunning for the KO with this brutal little ass-kick of a story.” –Craig Davidson, author of SARAH COURT “As tough, ass-kicking and twisted […]

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Neo-noir in film – An excellent blog to check out

So I ran across this blog today. It’s called Wonders in the Dark. It is so awesome. I was doing some Googling of the word neo-noir, something I do when I’m bored and ran across this site. Maurizio is a genius. His list of the Top 50 Neo-Noir films is almost a list of my […]

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