Amazon Bots Giving Me Some Love

So, I got an email from Amazon yesterday, and it kind of caught me off guard. It wanted to know if I was interested in some other thrillers, some books. Of course I’m interested, let me open that email and see what you’ve got for me today. And what was it?

Wow. There’s my own book. How many people did this email go out to? I actually haven’t bought my OWN book on Amazon yet (believe it or not) but I’ve thought about it. It might generate some links to “other books” of a similar nature, other books I’ve bought. Other authors that I love – King, Straub, SGJ, Baer, Clevenger, Palahniuk, Mieville, etc. So I’m not really sure how or why I got this email. But I LIKE IT!

And, I’m in pretty good company. Kristopher Young, I know this guy, have actually read Click, it’s a good book. But Brian Evenson? I mean, he’s a GIANT. I’ve seen him at several panels at AWP, have talked to him a little bit, he’s larger than life. I’ve read a lot of his stories, and strangely enough, have Fugue State in my “wishlist” at Amazon, been meaning to read it, that and Last Days. And then there’s Audition, a very dark movie, and I can only assume, a very dark and strange book. But it’s nothing like Transubstantiate, as far as I know. Except they’re both dark, and thrillers, I guess.

But, whatever happened here, I’m happy that Amazon has done something for me, sent out this email to I’m hoping MILLIONS of people. Okay, maybe dozens, but I’ll take it. I even heard from some friends of mine that they got the same email. So, it wasn’t just me.

It’s one of those little things, like chatting with people at GENCON, answering their questions, signing books. I sold THREE signed/limited editions! At $40 a pop! To total strangers. That’s kind of cool (and a bit intense). Or getting a random IM on Facebook from somebody that just says LOVING YOUR BOOK, and then POOF, the guy is gone. A fan in the UK, happy with the book, but maybe too shy to actually talk to me about it. Guess I’m BIG TIME now.

Not really. I’m as humble as ever, thrilled to see so many people enjoying the book. Busy with Disintegration, the next one. And loving every minute of it.

Thanks Amazon, spawn of Satan, giant book beast, my crack cocaine addiction. Thanks for spreading the word, giving me a little love. I’ll take it.

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