New Velvet Podcast – Sex and Violence in Fiction

Velvet Podcast 008

Episode 008: Don’t Pull My Hair Unless You Mean It

I join writers Nik Korpon (Stay God), Pela Via and Nic Young to grind out the topic of sex and violence in fiction and their complex relationship to sadistic bedfellows, love and shock.


This was a lot of fun, some great thoughts, well worth the time to check this out. Let me know what you think.

Interview up at 3:AM Magazine

Interview by Gregory Frye

An interview with me done by the talented Gregory Frye is now up at 3:AM Magazine. Love 3:AM, they published a story of mine “A Bird in the Hand” last year.


Here’s an excerpt:

Richard Thomas is catching a lot of attention with his debut novel Transubstantiate, a neo-noir thriller mostly set on a mysterious island where nothing is as it seems. The place is inhabited by prisoners who are supposedly part of a rehabilitation experiment, meanwhile most of the global population has been wiped out by plague. The survivors, both on the island and off, truly live up to the label of noir, black, nihilistic. Thomas’ book seems to have come to the front at a time when a lot of readers and writers are starting to ask what neo-noir is all about, how is it defined, and where can we take it.

“Maker of Flight” wins another contest – Jotspeak

"Maker of Flight" Wins at Jotspeak

Check this out!


I WON! For my story “Maker of Flight” that also won at last year. It is based on the novel Filaria by Brent Hayward. I beat out 200 other stories, WOW! I figured, since you could enter previously published work, that MOF was a good story to send in. Good call, I guess!

I found Jotspeak via Facebook, they approached me about joining a couple of months ago. Seems like a real good community, and I hope to get more involved. Looks like I’ll be a featured artist/author for a month too! Always good to get new eyes on my work.