Epic review of Transubstantiate at Oxyfication

Jason Kane reviews Transubstantiate at Oxyfication

Jason Kane has written a fantastic review of my novel Transubstantiate up at Oxyfication. THIS is my audience, he gets it, and he really likes it. Such an elegant, insightful review. WARNING: There are mild spoilers throughout, but nothing that will detract from the novel, but purists may want to read it after the book.


Here’s a snippet:

Casual brutality, sex, and disorder: the heroes of noir have never been terribly endearing to the heart, but the seven nihilistic souls of Richard Thomas’ Transubstantiate seem like they were born ruined, and are likely to die that way. The story draws heavily on all the beloved accouterments of the neo-noir tradition—fractured narratives; cynicism; disorientation; ruthless beatings—but the story branches out into other areas, exploring themes of mysticism and the unknowable, even broaching the peripheral terrors of Lovecraftian horror.

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