Speculative slipstream cross-genre new wave fabulist fiction



Okay, so I ran across this great article at Omnidawn today ( http://www.omnidawn.com/ ) and even though it was dated 2006, it sounds as if it was written yesterday. It relates to a lot of what I personally write, as well as many of my friends and peers. I see Brian Evenson talking about it all the time, including at least two panels at AWP (Chicago 2009 and NYC 2008). I know that Stephen Graham Jones deals with it all the time, and will be continuing this conversation at the 2010 AWP in Denver. I’m so glad to see people speaking out about it. And after reading the Best American Short Stories 2008 and finding so many fantastic voices pushing the edges of “literary” fiction (such as TC Boyle, AM Homes, Katie Price, Karen Brown, etc.) is really encouraging.

2010 panels that I already know about include the fantastic Dr. Jones:

“Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy…Seriously,”
“Byronic Vampires and Melancholy Green Men: Harnessing Genre for Literary Use.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Those two panels ALONE should get me there, let alone Chabon. Here’s the article though at Omnidawn. It’s a bit long, and a bit academic, but man it sure hits home.


Just scroll down a bit. The anthology, Paraspheres, of course contains a story entitled “An Accounting” by Brian Evenson. It sounds like a must read too.


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