Christopher Dwyer – Dark Matter – Dogmatika “Writer in Residence”

Official Website

Official Website

I’ve been a peer and friend of Christopher for a couple of years now. We often joke that we were separated at birth. Brothers from another mother. We have very similar styles, and I think that is why we were drawn to each other’s work. We both like heavy setting, lyrical prose and the darker sides of life. Neither of us shy away from graphic sex (and that’s a good thing) nor do we pull any punches on the violence (also a visceral component).

Earlier this year when I heard that CJD was going to be the “writer-in-residence” at Dogmatika, a staff writer with a new story/column called DARK MATTER up every month, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. A bit jealous, of course, as I had my first story up at Dogmatika earlier this year. But the bottom line is that I always look forward to his work, and have never been let down. And that’s a lot of stories. We’ve also published together quite often, including Colored Chalk (that alternative literary whore, who HASN’T been in), Gold Dust, as well as and a vampire anthology that we’re shopping around right now (fantastic work, many names you’d recognize) tentatively called SHADOW KINDRED.

Christopher’s link is over to the right there on my blogroll as well as Dogmatika of course, but here are direct links to his recent stories/columns. “Crackle” is one of my favorite stories of his, but they all rock. He’s one of the most talented and unique voices out there today. Stories are in reverse chronological order.

DOGMATIKA – DARK MATTER by Christopher Dwyer

“Scars and Salvation” – Part One




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