Major Inversions by Gordon Highland

by Gordon Highland

by Gordon Highland

Gordon is a very generous and talented guy. He recorded the voice-over work for my story up at Word Riot, is a very active and supportive member of my novel workshop, Write Club, plays a major role at The Velvet and has published alongside me in Colored Chalk. I’m psyched that this is finally getting out there. It got a lot of good responses in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, and made it a lot farther than my novel. It’s funny and subversive, so check it out.

“Your roommate says you should date more, that all those spandex nights on stage paying tribute to hair metal and banging faceless groupies only amplify your Jekyll/Hyde syndrome. That this quicksand town of floozies, fiends, and filmmakers will survive without your commercial jingles. And your narcotics. That you should turn in your daytime security-guard badge and settle down.

He’s got the perfect girl, a cinnamon-scented innocent who will bring that elusive substance to your life despite the familial forces that conspire against your union.

Always lurking in the periphery, the roommate remains buried in his Master’s thesis, the parasitic puppeteer behind your reinvention, the search for your birth parents, and your all-too-brief film scoring career. A supporting cast of lecherous directors, deluded bandmates, federal agents, and nostalgic exes enable and obstruct your path to closure and ironic revenge as you wash the blood from your hands in this revisionist character study that is Major Inversions.”

Caleb Ross in Vain Magazine

Caleb J. Ross Charactered Pieces

Caleb J. Ross "Charactered Pieces"

I’ve been bad about promoting my friends and peers here on my blog, just a matter of time and actually remembering to do that, so I’m going to work hard to do better at that.

I’m very excited to see Caleb J. Ross get his story into Vain, one of the most compelling and visually appealing rags out there. Go check it out, it’s a story I’ve known for a long time, and I absolutely love it.

Keep up the great work Caleb.


PS-His personal website is linked over there on the right hand side as well on my BLOGROLL. Vain too, as I published with them earlier this year, my short story “Underground Wonderbound” a sordid little tale about an underground sex club. That story is linked under both SHORT STORIES and TABLE OF CONTENTS.

Sideshow Fables #1 is OUT – Circus Fiction

I’m posting this for Paul. I am the co-editor and designer. I’m really proud of the overall vision, look and quality of work in this debut issue.

Fiction by Steve Almond, Craig Wallwork, Nik Korpon, Catherine J. Gardner, Caleb J. Ross, Rhian Waller, Deborah Walker, Christopher Kugler, Colin McKay Miller, and the first installment of a Sideshow Fables serial by Nicholas Merlin Karpuk.

I’m a big fan of Steve Almond, and we’re thrilled to have him in our first issue. You may recognize the names of Craig, Nik, Caleb and Colin as writers that have published in Colored Chalk before, some in my issues. All are fantastic writers, and I’ve published alongside many of them. In fact, Craig and Caleb are going to be in the Gold Dust Anthology coming out at the end of the year. The Great Karpuk is another writer whose work I’ve gotten to know, and I’ve become a real fan of his work as well. The other writers are all new to me, but their contributions are just as strong.


Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce that Sideshow Fables #1 is now available for sale at Visit the Sideshow Fables ‘Store’ to view buying options.

The print edition of Sideshow Fables will be available to ship in a week or so. We are accepting pre-orders at this time, so if you purchase the print magazine through the website, your order will be shipped as soon as we have the copies in hand. When you purchase a print copy, you will also receive a free copy of the E-book version of Sideshow Fables in PDF format. You will receive a separate email that will give you a link to download the PDF.

You will also see that we have the E-book version of Sideshow Fables #1 for sale that is available immediately for only $3.00. After you complete your checkout with PayPal, you will be given a link to download the file.

Thanks for your continued interest and support of Sideshow Fables. When you purchase a copy of Sideshow Fables in any format, you are supporting the Sideshow Fables team, the writers of the stories, and literature as a form of entertainment.

Let us know what you think of Issue #1 by emailing us at

On behalf of everyone here at Sideshow Fables, thanks so much!


Paul Eckert

Sideshow Fables