Story Acceptance! Azathoth Anthology.

Big announcement! It’s official!! I will have a short story in the cosmic horror anthology Azathoth: Ordo ab Chao edited by Aaron J. French to be released in May 2023 from JournalStone.

Thank you, Aaron, for putting together an amazing anthology. Thrilled to share this space with so many amazing authors and friends.

• Ordo ab Chao: Toward That Endlessness (Poem) by Maxwell Ian Gold
• Expatriate by Jamieson Ridenhour
• Making a Difference by Brian Evenson
• Agent of Chaos by Ursula Vernon
• The Recreationist by Kaaron Warren
• The Root King by Lauri Taneli Lassila
• The Blind God’s Game by Matthew Cheney
• Church of the Void by Donald Tyson
• Upon an Iron Bed, Under the Eyes of Chaos by Richard Gavin
• …And Peer Aloft to Glimpse Some Fragment by Ruthanna Emrys
• In The Grove by Erica Ruppert
• The Infinite Beat by Nathan Carson
• The Door at 21 bis rue Xavier Privas by R. B. Payne
• An Unusual Pedigree by Richard Thomas
• The Revelations of Azathoth by Lena Ng
• Dust-Clotted Eyes by Samuel Marzioli
• Primordial Jack by Akis Linardos
• Respect Your Elders by Adam Nevill

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