Cover Reveal for Spontaneous Human Combustion

Okay, it’s cover reveal time! My fourth short story collection, SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION will be out in March of 2022 with Turner Publishing (and their Keylight imprint). With a foreword by Brian Evenson. You can even pre-order now. Hope you all dig it! I think it’s some of my best work to date.

Here is an excerpt from Brian’s excellent foreword:

“The stories in Spontaneous Human Combustion are quite different from one another. They participate in several other different genres—science fiction, the weird, noir, literature, etc.—at the same time as they always work as slow-burn horror. But despite the range of these stories, they all feel like they were written by Richard Thomas. Few writers understand misery as well as Richard does, and few are as willing to look with a steady eye at such flawed and suffering humans. Richard has a wonderful ability not to judge in advance, not to dismiss, not to villainize. He’s much more interested in zooming in his horror lens to try to see clearly and in vivid detail who people are, to try to understand them in all their abjection, contradiction, and pain. In other words, this is experiential fiction, something to be undergone, lived through. To live through these characters vicariously, with Richard as your guide, will give you a sharper and more empathetic understanding of the darkness of the actual world.”

I hope you like it.

(Cover by MSCorley.

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