When Good Deeds Turn Deadly

Brian Kirk’s “Picking Splinters from a Sex Slave” was a brutal story, one that really pushed my buttons. I can’t wait to see what he did here with “Envy.”

Ink Heist

We’re at the halfway point in our ongoing series chronicling the stories in Cutting Block Books’ upcoming anthology, The Seven Deadliest. So far we’ve been lucky enough to host John C. Foster, Bracken MacLeod, and Kasey Lansdale and share their insights into what inspired their stories. Today we welcome Brian Kirk to Ink Heist and he talks about the way he uses Envy in his story, “Chisel and Stone”. If you’re unfamiliar with Brian’s work, definitely seek out his two novels We are Monsters and Will Haunt You. He has a bold, imaginative writing style and utilizes psychological horror to stretch the boundaries of what we come to expect from horror fiction. In his article, Brian talks about the different facets of envy and what can happen when a good deed is born out of something sinister. Be sure to keep coming back to Ink Heist in the coming weeks…

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