The Original Deadly Sin

Awesome comments from Kasey Lansdale. Her “Pride” story sounds great.

Ink Heist

We’re excited to continue our ongoing coverage of The Seven Deadliest by welcoming Kasey Lansdale to Ink Heist! Kasey is a multi-talented creative who has achieved success in just about every artistic medium you can think of. She’s an accomplished recording artist, author, editor, and actress. “The Companion – the story she co-wrote with her father and brother – is also set to be adapted for the upcoming season of Creepshow. In addition to all of that, she also started The East Texas Songwriter’s Workshop, which she still hosts. Simply put, Kasey has a superhuman work ethic and if you aren’t following her various projects already, you’re missing out. In her article, Kasey talks about the urban legend that inspired her story and also the way women are perceived and how that shaped the tone of “Cap Diamant.” Be sure to keep coming back to Ink Heist in the coming…

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