Guns, Drugs & Money

DISINTEGRATION in great company here.

Ink Heist

We thought we’d share another seven of our favorite reads with you, this time featuring novels and novellas with a thread of organization running through them. Organized crime, that is. With mobsters, drug dealers, cartels, and gangsters galore, there’s something we really love about this type of fiction and, given the selection, we think you will too. So, let us just drop a quick disclaimer here, and then we’ll get on to this list of must read books running the gamut from crime to horror and all points in between. The disclaimer: we are aware that this is pretty much a sausage fest and would like to point out that isn’t intentional. We love women authors as much as any other and would never seek to exclude or denigrate their work. This list merely reflects the favorites we’ve read in genre fiction that fit the theme we’re embracing here today…

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