Gamut Magazine has EIGHTEEN stories and poems on the Best Horror of the Year Honorable Mention List!

Thrilled to announce that EIGHTEEN Gamut stories and poems made the
honorable mentions list for Best Horror of the Year 9, edited by Ellen Datlow.

Here is the list:

Clark, Chloe N. “Like the Desert Dark,” Gamut #5.
Coney, S. L. “Prey,” Gamut 10.
Haskins, Maria “Metal, Sex, Monsters,” Gamut #5.
Jones, Holly Goddard “Parts,” Gamut #5.
Jones, Stephen Graham “Love is a Cavity I Can’t Stop Touching,” Gamut #2.
Jones, Stephen Graham “The God of Low Things,” Gamut #5.
Jonez, Kate “The Moments Between,” Gamut 7.
Jordan, Judy “Pete’s Lake,” (poem) Gamut #1.
Kassel, Mel “The Stammering Man,” Gamut 6.
Khaw, Cassandra “My Mama,” (poem) Gamut #5.
Khaw, Cassandra “The Truth That Lies under Skin and Meat,” Gamut 8.
McSorley, Andrew “Poachers,” (poem) Gamut 11.
Rather, Lina “Baby Teeth,” Gamut 11.
Reitan, Eric “The Bubblegum Man,” Gamut #1.
Tobler, E. Catherine “Figure 8,” Gamut #2.
Trent, Letitia “Rest Stop,” Gamut #5.
Walters, Damien Angelica “What They Lost in the Storm,” Gamut 8.
Yardley, Mercedes M. “The Absolutionist,” Gamut 10.