Cover reveal for BREAKER (Random House Alibi).


I’m thrilled to share with you the cover for Breaker, the second book in the Windy City Dark Mystery Series (Random House Alibi). This series is not like most traditional mystery series, in that we don’t have the same protagonist. What we do have is the same city (Chicago) with the first book set in the Wicker Park / Bucktown area, the second in Logan Square, just up the road. I lived in both areas for about twelve years in all, and the backdrop, the atmosphere, the tone and mood, that’s all similar. It’s really more like what Stephen King did for small town Maine, instead of Agatha Christie or F. Paul Wilson.

So, what’s Breaker all about? Our protagonist is Raymond, or Ray to his friends. He lives alone, haunted by secrets in his past, various abuses that his parents and sister lay on him, trying to survive, while repressing these memories. He works as a fighter, underground warehouses and private events, in order to pay his rent. Next door, is a young girl, Natalie, just in high school, who see him for the innocent boy he used to be. She’s not afraid of him. But maybe she should be. The struggle throughout this book is for Ray to break the cycle of abuse, to not be the monster that he is destined to be. Can he do it? You’ll have to read it to see.

Right now we’re looking at late 2015 or early 2016 for a release date. If you liked Disintegration, which Irvine Welsh called, “A stunning and vital piece of work,” and Chuck Wendig said was “A twisted masterpiece,” then hopefully you’ll like this book too.

Thanks for the continued support, faithful readers. Can’t wait for this to come out. Thanks to my agent, Paula Munier, and my editor at RHA, Dana Isaacson, for all of their hard work on this.

5 Comments on “Cover reveal for BREAKER (Random House Alibi).”

  1. I am so excited for Breaker to be released!! I can’t wait to read it! I loved Disintegration and I’m sure I will love this one too! I am waiting, semi patiently, for release day!
    If you use beta readers, I am available.
    Thank you!!

    • Thanks, Shannon! We don’t use Beta Readers, per se, but I’m sure we’ll be looking for bloggers to get early reviews up on Goodreads/Amazon, and be part of the book tour when it comes out. Let me know if you’d be up for that!

      • I don’t have a blog at this time. I do always leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads though. And good old word of mouth, I tell my book friends when I read a great book.
        Even though I don’t have a blog, I try to do what I can to help authors. I know how important reviews are. And I always spread the word when I find a great author.
        Thank you for your books! Reading is important to me and when I find a great book and an author I enjoy I am so appreciative!! So thank you for the enjoyment and I can’t wait to read more of your books!
        Have a GREAT day!!

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