I’ve signed with Random House Alibi for TWO BOOKS.

BIG NEWS! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed with Random House Alibi for a two-book deal. The first book is DISINTEGRATION—the second is still TBD. This will only be available in eBook format, to start. For those that know me, you’ve been hearing about this book for many (six?) years—a neo-noir transgressive thriller that is a mix of Dexter and Falling Down, the story of a man who sees his family die in a car crash right in front of him, and falls apart. I think it’s some of my best work to date. Special thanks to my agent, Paula Munier for supporting me, and believing in my voice, and this novel. I’m really excited to work with Dana Isaacson, my editor at RHA, as well—he’s been at Random House for many years, and has done a lot of great work for them. There is a target release date of May 2015. Thank you all of my friends and peers that kept telling me this book would find a home. That day has come.

12 Comments on “I’ve signed with Random House Alibi for TWO BOOKS.”

  1. Congrats Richard. Will happily tweet, goodread.com, Amazon, and FB a review if you want to send me a .mobi or .epub.

    Well deserved! Love all of your stuff.

    Beast of luck! Brandon

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  2. Congrats and welcome aboard. I’ll be looking for for your books.

    THE LAST CLINIC On Sale 11/18 Click HERE to learn more.

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  3. Congratulations Richard!!! Well done. Will definitely look forward to reading. Linda B.

  4. Like it’s been hiding in dark catacombs beneath a great city, waiting for a new regime… At last! Can’t wait to read it and would so love a paperback! Does RHA have a release date for that or is it sales-driven? Either way, I’m in. And mega-congrats on the book deal 😀

    • right? it is scheduled for May 2015. right now only ebook, no paperbacks, but anything could happen, including foreign sales (which includes the UK). thanks for the kind words. very excited for this book to come out. i think it’s some of my best work to date.

  5. Congratulations. Falling Down meets Dexter – oh yes – Disintegration sounds like it’s right up my alley.

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