“Flowers for Jessica” out now in Weird Fiction Review #3 (Centipede Press)


I’m really excited that my dark, strange story “Flowers for Jessica” is finally out in Weird Fiction Review #3 from Centipede Press. They do such amazing work over there. SIXTEEN pages of art! I love the cover, the play on Mad Magazine and Cthulhu. Edited by S. T. Joshi, this journal has so much weird goodness, you must pick it up. Only 500 copies were printed, and they tend to sell out. Only $20. Head on over to the website and give it a peek.

What’s my story about, you ask? It’s a bit of magical realism in the same voice and setting as “Fireflies” (originally published in Polluto, and later online at Circa Review). It’s got death, forests, flowers, bodily fluids, remorse, love and regret. It’s a wild story for sure!

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