New Column – Storyville up at has launched, and man is this site taking off. It’s an offshoot of The Cult, taking all of the publishing, craft, and literature conversations as well as workshops, classes, lectures, reviews and columns away from what was essentially the Chuck Palahniuk fan club, and moving it all to a new base.

I’m thrilled that I will be writing a column, called Storyville, and my first column is now up, about Finding Your Voice. I’ll have a column every month, maybe more often. I’ll also do book reviews now and then, and maybe some interviews sporadically as well.

The people in charge of this, Kirk Clawes, Dennis Widmyer, Joshua Chaplinsky, Mark Vanderpool and Phil Jourdan, they’re amazing people, very hard working, and so smart. I’m honored to be a part of it. And the writers? Wow, where to even start, so much talent joining me, Brandon Tietz, Erin Reel, Keith Rawson, Kasey Carpenter, Rob W. Hart, really you just need to head over and check it all out. So much to absorb.

5 Comments on “New Column – Storyville up at”

  1. you have to look REAL close but it’s sandwiched in there under the “so much talent” section. 🙂 i actually checked out your blog, really dig what you’re doing monica, good stuff, the gym story was hilarious (and all too true, yeah?)

    • unfortunately, all of my stories are completely true. im a mess. umm did you see the bitter guy under the profanity post?! i hate the high and mighty who have nothing to back it up!!

      • no, i didn’t see that. truth is stranger than fiction, right? and if some guy doesn’t like profanity, well, maybe he can just hang out someplace else, right?

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