“Terrapin Station” is in Pear Noir! #5. Richard does lit. Out now.

A story that I wrote for my MFA program with the Pulitzer nominated author Dale Ray Phillips entitled “Terrapin Station” is now out in print in Pear Noir! #5. This is a really cool, eclectic journal. I recognize several other authors in here as well: Kim Chinquee, Kevin Moffett, Gabe Durham and Michael Kimball, so I’m in good company. These do tend to sell out. All past issues (1-4)  are sold out, if memory serves me correctly.

“Terrapin Station” is set in Chicago, off of Michigan Avenue, about a man who leaves the corporate world behind to carve turtles while sitting on a park bench, living in a tree in Grant Park. He pines for the woman at the office that he leaves behind each year to head down to New Orleans, and hopes that this is the year that she joins him.

This is not my usual dark fiction, so if you’ve ever wanted to read something more literary or more upbeat, here you go.

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