Pela Via flashes the literary world

One of my favorite female voices, Pela Via, is somebody who is unafraid of tension, loss, sexuality, love, and the deranged mind of a femme fatale, is writing a bunch of flash stories, 31 before her birthday. She’s on #9 right now, and these are classic Pela, so much fun to read, always surprising, always entertaining, twisted and dark, emotional and thoughtful. Head over now.

“Terrapin Station” is in Pear Noir! #5. Richard does lit. Out now.

A story that I wrote for my MFA program with the Pulitzer nominated author Dale Ray Phillips entitled “Terrapin Station” is now out in print in Pear Noir! #5. This is a really cool, eclectic journal. I recognize several other authors in here as well: Kim Chinquee, Kevin Moffett, Gabe Durham and Michael Kimball, so I’m in good company. These do tend to sell out. All past issues (1-4)  are sold out, if memory serves me correctly.

“Terrapin Station” is set in Chicago, off of Michigan Avenue, about a man who leaves the corporate world behind to carve turtles while sitting on a park bench, living in a tree in Grant Park. He pines for the woman at the office that he leaves behind each year to head down to New Orleans, and hopes that this is the year that she joins him.

This is not my usual dark fiction, so if you’ve ever wanted to read something more literary or more upbeat, here you go.

In The Mean Time by Paul Tremblay

In The Mean Time by Paul Tremblay is a powerful collection of short stories, always interesting, with the usual Tremblay Twists, unique perspectives and layers of emotions. These stories really socked me in the gut, so head over to The Nervous Breakdown to get all of that information, see what my favorites were, and be sure to pick up a copy of this book today.

“Victimized” is now out in Murky Depths #15

I can’t begin to say how excited I am about my 5,000 word short story “Victimized” being in Issue #15 of Murky Depths. They are such a cool publication, I mean, look at that cover? And this is one of my favorite stories. When I get the spread artwork from my story I’ll add those up. Murky Depths is really coming into its own, having won the British Fantasy Award for BEST MAGAZINE. Pick up your copy today, while they last.

In case you wanted to know more, “Victimized” is about a young woman in the near future who has decided to go into the boxing ring that is now used to punish criminals, an option offered up by the government and police as an way to find closure for those that want to have a more “hand on” experience in dealing with somebody that raped or murdered a family member or friend. It’s a wild ride, one I think you’ll enjoy. It’s a mix of horror and neo-noir, mystery and crime, with a bit of SF and fantasy and sex tossed in. My usual.


Excerpts from Transubstantiate in Vain #9

NOTE: Issue 9 is NOW OUT!

Vain does such beautiful work.  Some excerpts from my novel Transubstantiate are in here (I originally published my short story “Underground Wonderbound” a naughty little tale about a sex club in Issue #5 with Vain in 2009) as well as some beautiful artwork. I’ll also make an announcement when it actually releases, but they don’t make many of these, and do them all by hand, so be sure to get one. #9 has to do with the “fantastical” and my excerpts are the more surreal and fantastic from the book.

The Orange Eats Creeps: A discussion between Richard Thomas and Blake Butler

The Orange Eats Creeps (Two Dollar Radio) by Grace Krilanovich is one of the most challenging and simultaneously rewarding books I read in 2010. I knew that I would have difficulty with this unique debut novel, so I decided to have a conversation with fellow dark and surreal author Blake Butler over a couple of weeks to see what we could figure out. Read this lengthy conversation over at The Nervous Breakdown. If you’re looking for a book that doesn’t give it up easily, and are a fan of Burroughs, Evenson, and Erickson, this may be for you.