“Victimized” is now out in Murky Depths #15

I can’t begin to say how excited I am about my 5,000 word short story “Victimized” being in Issue #15 of Murky Depths. They are such a cool publication, I mean, look at that cover? And this is one of my favorite stories. When I get the spread artwork from my story I’ll add those up. Murky Depths is really coming into its own, having won the British Fantasy Award for BEST MAGAZINE. Pick up your copy today, while they last.

In case you wanted to know more, “Victimized” is about a young woman in the near future who has decided to go into the boxing ring that is now used to punish criminals, an option offered up by the government and police as an way to find closure for those that want to have a more “hand on” experience in dealing with somebody that raped or murdered a family member or friend. It’s a wild ride, one I think you’ll enjoy. It’s a mix of horror and neo-noir, mystery and crime, with a bit of SF and fantasy and sex tossed in. My usual.


2 Comments on ““Victimized” is now out in Murky Depths #15”

  1. thanks molly…and don’t stop being a weirdo either, who wants to be “normal” anyway? right? linked you right back too

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