Review of Transubstantiate at Rotten Leaves

Rotten Leaves Review

Fantastic three-headed review of Transubstantiate at Rotten Leaves, by Axel Taiari, Christopher Dwyer and Nik Korpon (Otherworld Publications label mate).


Axel: “…while other authors could easily struggle with unleashing multiple points of view at such pace, Richard manages to make it all fit together, make sense, build characters, craft a vivid world, each new chapter giving you an additional piece of the puzzle, changing the whole picture, again and again, until the epilogue where everything falls into place and the reader is allowed to breathe once more.”

Christopher: “It’s not just well-written and beautiful. It’s the ambition behind the style, the scope; it’s the way Richard blends sci-fi with noir with thrills with horror with a cherry-tip drop of literary goodness…”

Nik: “One of the things that really struck me…was this seamless melding of multiple genres while still retaining what sycophants would say is a literary voice, meaning it’s a very well-written novel while still having the constant clicking of impending doom in the background.”

For the full reviews go to the link above or click on the picture.

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