Five star review for Transubstantiate is up now at Bitten By Books

5/5 for Transubstantiate at BBB

BITTENBYBOOKS.COM – 5/5 tombstones

I’m very excited that I just got my first post-release review at and she really loved it. She actually went out and bought a copy too.

“The calculated gestures, gasps and sighs, or the cold blooded neck snaps and shanking – all were beautifully written and crafted with clever lunacy…This is Richard Thomas’s debut novel, and if this is the norm for him, I will be eagerly awaiting his next novel with dark fascination.”

2 Comments on “Five star review for Transubstantiate is up now at Bitten By Books”

  1. I just found this! I loved your book so much, it really did deserve a second and third read to try to understand more.

  2. Thanks so much. Your review was one of the first I got, and it really meant a lot to me. I really appreciate the support.

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