“Everything is Beautiful” is now LIVE at Troubadour21

Everything is Beautiful

Everything is Beautiful

So my strange little story “Everything is Beautiful” is up now at Troubadour 21. Enjoy. We might turn this into a series.


3 Comments on ““Everything is Beautiful” is now LIVE at Troubadour21”

  1. The opening reminds me of a mix of Terminator and King’s “Dark Tower” opening (but to be fair, I’ve only read the opening of that first novel). Then, the Vonnegut phrase shifts the direction instantly. A really nice piece. Here’s hoping we get a serial out of this.

  2. Thanks Caleb. Boy, can’t sneak anything by you. Originally this was titled “Homage” and there is for sure the Terminator and King’s Dark Tower, and the Vonnegut you got right away too. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. I’m thinking this won’t be any longer than a novella though.


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