“Maker of Flight” is live – Winner of Filaria Contest

Maker of Flight at ChiZine

"Maker of Flight" at ChiZine

Well, the story is now live. Hope you dig it, I really had fun with it. I’ve had some fantastic conversations with the author Brent Hayward, saying that this story will now be a part of the world he created, which is really just the nicest thing I could hear about this short. Brett Alexander Savory at ChiZine has also been very supportive and great to work with.

2 Comments on ““Maker of Flight” is live – Winner of Filaria Contest”

  1. Congrats on the win for the Filaria contest! I like all the gears and rust in your story — the sort of organic machine.

    Have you noticed there’s a coughing theme in all our stories? You: “Hacking out a deep, rattling cough he spat into a dirty handkerchief and stuffed it into his pocket.” Me: “…the words clogged by a throat full of phlegm. He hacked up a gob of it and spat it into the far corner of the crate.” Donald Jacob Uitvlugt: “Saliva caught in his throat, congealed there. He coughed again, trying to dislodge it.” Funny, huh?

  2. Guess we all did our reading, eh? Thanks so much Debi, I really liked your story too. Great job. I’ll link you in here if you want, and if you don’t mind, please do the same for me at your site!


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