Author of the Week, Richard Thomas, May 15

Getting some love here from Paula. THANKS!

Paula Cappa


Richard Thomas

( Dark Fiction, Horror Novels, Short Stories. Publisher, Editor, Teacher)

“To me, the best horror is a balance between terror and horror—the clues, the foreshadowing, the uncertainty, the unknown paired with the horror of the reveal, the truth, the violence, the monster come home to roost.

“I’m also drawn to more psychological horror, how the layers of body, mind, and soul go deep into the storytelling to get you to turn the page, feel strong emotions, and then blow your mind, staying with you long after you put the book or story down.”

“You know that part of your writing that you question—that’s weird and doesn’t fit neatly into a genre or mold? Write more of that. Please.”

“What I’m looking for in my writing these days is the journey—up and down, left and right, dark and light—landing somewhere that holds promise…

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