Monthly Archives: January 2023

Preliminary Bram Stoker Ballot for Spontaneous Human Combustion!

I’m thrilled to announce that my fourth short story collection, SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION, has made the Preliminary Bram Stoker ballot in the Fiction Collection category. If you are an active member and would like a PDF please DM/PM me or email me at THANKS! Best of luck to everyone, in every category. Very exciting.

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Story Acceptance! Azathoth Anthology.

Big announcement! It’s official!! I will have a short story in the cosmic horror anthology Azathoth: Ordo ab Chao edited by Aaron J. French to be released in May 2023 from JournalStone. Thank you, Aaron, for putting together an amazing anthology. Thrilled to share this space with so many amazing authors and friends. • Ordo […]

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