Review of Spontaneous Combustion by Richard Thomas (released 02/22/22, a Tuesday ~ 2’sday)

Excellent review of SHC!

playing footsie with another dimension

Was thrilled when I received my ARC of Spontaneous Human Combustion, late last year.

I have so much gratitude and overwhelming respect for Richard Thomas as a teacher, a great author/writer, a mentor, but most importantly, an artistic innovator with foresight into the necessities required to progress the arts for the future of mankind. He manages to introduce us to literature that tastes different than any other genre you’ve tried before.

He postures his concepts in a way that is conducive to spawning new ideas, particularly, in language, literature, and “methods » of writing, in general.

Pick up Spontaneous Human Combustion by Richard Thomas on Amazon or go to your favorite bookstore. (Psst: Order it from a smaller, family-owned bookstore. )

You will want to dive in from paragraph one.

It is a set of short stories so you can read them at your own leisure — but a disclaimer…

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