13 most excellent speculative fiction short stories

A great list of speculative fiction. I’ve been a fan of Stephen Graham Jones forEVER, and his story, “The Night Cyclist” at Tor.com is amazing. Also a big fan of Cassandra Khaw and Carmen Maria Machado. (All three will have work at Gamut.). So, dig in, and enjoy!

Maria Haskins

This month, like every month, I read a lot of amazing speculative short fiction. This is also the month when I’ve decided to switch from calling the stories I list “fantasy and science fiction”, to calling them “speculative fiction”. Quite simply because I include stories that are horror, magical realism, and, well… whatever other kind of beautiful weirdness I can find. “Speculative fiction” works nicely as a catch-all in my opinion, so here goes: here are 13 excellent speculative fiction short stories I read this past month:

So, You’re In an Alternate Universe, by Jeremy Packert Burke in Metaphorosis. “Dylan is from the real universe. It’s not alternate, not like your universe. This is what he’s told you just now, although you’ve known him for years.” I fell in love with this exquisitely told story as I read it. Something about it, or maybe everything about it, struck…

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