It Came From Del Rio by Stephen Graham Jones

It Came From Del Rio (Trapdoor Books) by Stephen Graham Jones

My review of It Came From Del Rio (Trapdoor Books) is up at The Nervous Breakdown. What can I say except I love this book, and Stephen’s work in general. I think the review will speak louder than anything I can add here, but this was a real pleasure to read. I’ve never been disappointed in anything that SGJ has written, so check out his work if you haven’t. I’m particularly a big fan of All The Beautiful Sinners. But it’s all good. Also, keep an eye out for The Ones That Got Away (Prime Books) out soon.

Here’s an excerpt from the review:

Once Jones has your heart, he has to take your mind as well, and he does that with the authority of his voice. He grew up in Texas, so every weathered post, every bit of rusted barbed wire, every detail about burying photos in the dirt, chewing on cactus pulp, eluding coyotes, hanging out at the bottomless Jacob’s Well, it has the sincerity of a personal history behind it, the truth in every action.

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