It Came From Del Rio by Stephen Graham Jones

It Came From Del Rio (Trapdoor Books) by Stephen Graham Jones

My review of It Came From Del Rio (Trapdoor Books) is up at The Nervous Breakdown. What can I say except I love this book, and Stephen’s work in general. I think the review will speak louder than anything I can add here, but this was a real pleasure to read. I’ve never been disappointed in anything that SGJ has written, so check out his work if you haven’t. I’m particularly a big fan of All The Beautiful Sinners. But it’s all good. Also, keep an eye out for The Ones That Got Away (Prime Books) out soon.

Here’s an excerpt from the review:

Once Jones has your heart, he has to take your mind as well, and he does that with the authority of his voice. He grew up in Texas, so every weathered post, every bit of rusted barbed wire, every detail about burying photos in the dirt, chewing on cactus pulp, eluding coyotes, hanging out at the bottomless Jacob’s Well, it has the sincerity of a personal history behind it, the truth in every action.

The Paris Review – discount for HTMLGiant (and other fans of literary fiction)

I’ve really grown to love The Paris Review. There was a discussion over at HTMLGiant about it, and Roxane Gay was talking about how individual copies are expensive, and got this response from the people at TPR:


Peter from The Paris Review here. Thanks for such a thoughtful review–very much appreciated.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about the shipping on a single issue (the post office charges us what they charge us). But to make up for this and make the magazine a little more affordable, we’re offering the good people of HTMLGIANT and your readers a one-year subscription for $28 ($7/issue) through our website with the code GIANT12.

This will be active for the next two weeks (and feel free to share). Due to the vagaries of our site, there may be an 81 cents shipping charge, but nothing hefty. Hopefully this makes the makes keeping in touch with TPR a bit easier.

Most of all, do keep reading. The winter issue is shaping up to be something pretty special.

So, hop to it, folks. It’s mostly because of people like Benjamin Percy that I started reading TPR, but there is always something amazing in each issue – a story or interview, always something worthwhile.

Daddy’s by Lindsay Hunter

Daddy's by Lindsay Hunter (Featherproof)

I’ve met Lindsay a couple times, starting with an event at Quickies! Chicago where I was thrilled to read with a ton of talented people. I was blown away by Amelia Gray, Blake Butler, Jac Jemc, and of course, Lindsay herself. It’s not surprising that I’ve become a big fan of her work. I’ve come to expect the unexpected from her. She has no fear when it comes to short stories that deal with sex, violence, loss, love, hope, and the drama and tension that exist in dysfunctional families and relationships. My full review of Daddy’s (Featherproof) is now up at The Nervous Breakdown, so go check it out. This is one of my favorite collections of the year, and Lindsay Hunter is a voice to watch. Now hop to it, people.

The Avain Gospels by Adam Novy

My book review for The Avian Gospels by Adam Novy is now LIVE at The Nervous Breakdown. This was a wild ride, a surreal, dystopian book, issued in two beautiful volumes by Short Flight / Long Drive Books. I don’t know if you’d call this a division or an arm of Hobart, but whatever you call it, the people over there (Aaron Burch and Elizabeth Ellen) are doing great things. Big World, by Mary Miller, another of their releases (2009) was just fantastic.