Demographic – More than just shirts

My friend Shane Harrison has this really cool t-shirt company, and I wanted to post up about it. Here is the synopsis from his about page, but basically they take a concept, a demographic, who you are, and make it into a shirt. You can suggest ideas to them as well.


Demographic is an emerging apparel company. It grew from a brainstorm involving two graphic designers who had trouble finding clothing which spoke to them personally. Weary of meaningless and/or self-promoting designs, they saw a need to create a line of apparel that says more about the wearer and less about the company they bought it from.

With this idea in mind, they devised a unique system in which each design concept represents a different group of people or “demographic.” This framework allows individuals to choose how they want to be viewed or call attention to ideas/issues that are important to them. In effect, revealing more about who they really are and less about the brand of clothes they wear.

SO…if this appeals to you, either go buy a shirt or suggest an idea, maybe you’ll get your shirt for FREE or in trade, or even cold, hard cash. These are some really talented designers, that I’ve known for years.



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