Exquisite Corpse – Storming the Pushcarts at HTML Giant

Ran across a rather interesting little project over at HTML Giant http://htmlgiant.com/?p=15597 thanks to my friend Nik Korpon. I was out camping with the boy, our first trip doing such things, caught a fish, burned things, all a great time. But I came to the game almost too late.

NO COLONY http://www.nocolony.com/# and Blake Butler, a talented writer that is blowing up, offered up a Pushcart for $650:

PUSHCART NOMINATION: Want famous? Cock? $650 buys text publication plus an OH BOY Pushcart nomination and/or nude photos of someone’s mother.

Ryan Call and Shya Scanlon (of recent FORECAST 42 fame http://shyascanlon.com/) decided to start a thread asking for 65 people to jump in and write a story together. It took off. Pretty quickly it was filled up, and I snuck in at around 62. Nik got in just ahead of me, and after me Christopher Dwyer. Caleb just missed it, but somebody dropped out, so in the words of Heidi Klum “YOU’RE IN”.

This could be some sort of huge joke or quite possibly history in the making. I’m willing to toss out my 150 words and see what happens. Quite a lot of great writers, everyone I’ve mentioned so far, as well as some other names I’m getting to know – Nathan Tyree, Roxanne Gay, Ben Spivey.

I’m most interested to see what everyone writes, if there is a common thread, what stands out, what resonates. I have one idea so far, we’ll see if it still works at #62 or whatever I am. Something about this being a kind of LONG WALK but with words, death to the weak story, glory to the strong. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.


1 Comments on “Exquisite Corpse – Storming the Pushcarts at HTML Giant”

  1. Glad you got in to the fray. I’m looking forward to this myself, though I didn’t do the counting necessary to see where I fall in the line-up. Somewhere in the 50s, I believe. Bottoms up and all that.

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