Rotten Leaves

Dark Fiction

Dark Fiction

Well, I can’t even begin to say how excited I was to hear that Axel Taiari, Christopher Dwyer and Nik Korpon have launched a dark fiction publication. These are two of my favorite dark fiction writers. I’ll certainly be sending them work for the online AND print publications. Christopher has published a lot, and is in the upcoming SHADOW KINDRED along with Axel and me, as well as fellow Write Clubbers Caleb, Nik and Simon, not to mention Drew. We’ll get into that later.

These guys are powerful writers and I’m eager to see what they do. Be sure to submit and check them out as well. Kudos brothers.


2 Comments on “Rotten Leaves”

  1. Thanks for the constant support, Richard. Would love to have your work in there.

    Also, I hope you dig the “simultaneous submissions” part of our submissions page. When writing it, I kept thinking of your previous blog entry about it and how true it rings.


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