Colored Chalk #6 is LIVE

Proud to be editor and designer

Proud to be editor and designer

Hey guys,

Wanted to let you know that the sixth issue of Colored Chalk is now live. The theme is “Waking Up Strange”, so believe me, there are some great stories in here. Go to and either read it online or download a printable PDF.

Thanks so much to Jason for all of his hard work. I really enjoyed editing and designing this issue, and hope to do it again. Soon. Not REAL soon, but soon.

You will certainly recognize some names from the Velvet, Cult and the literary world at large.

And a final thanks to all of the talented writers who put a lot of hard work, edits and thought to paper, not to mention fantastic writing. I really enjoyed every single story, and if I could’ve, I would’ve done an issue with about 50 pages of fiction. These are some of my favorite authors going right now.

Authors (in no particular order):
Joey Goebel
Joe Meno
Richard Martin
Rayo Casablanca
Christopher Dwyer
Caleb Ross
Nik Korpon
Craig Wallwork
Chris Deal
Eddy Rathke
Alex Cassun
Simon West-Bulford
Jeff Macfee
William T. Allen
Joe Dornich
Axel Taiari


And be sure to submit to issue #7, “MacGuffins for Hire” it is open right now with a deadline of Feb. 28.


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