Day Eleven: Medallion Donates Books!


Day Eleven: Over $21,000! And, Medallion Donates Books!

Medallion Press has generously donated TWENTY sets of books, including Burnt Tongues (transgressive anthology), which I edited with Chuck Palahniuk and Dennis Widmyer; Knuckleduster (military thriller) by Andrew Post; Suckerpunch (MMA thriller) by Jeremy Brown, and The Devils That Have Come to Stay (an acid Western) by Pamela DiFranceso. Pick up a set plus subscription for only $60 (plus shipping) a retail value of $120. Pick up your set today!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Backer #330, Scott Young, was the winner of the signed X’s for Eyes by Laird Barron, plus Tuckerization!


We had twelve backers pledge yesterday in order to get personal limericks sent out in time for Valentine’s Day! Our resident poet, Heather Foster, will pen and mail out this juicy nuggets of love.

Thank you for your support, and keep spreading the word! We’re at 40% funded after ten days which is a good start!


Day Ten Update: $20,000!

Day Ten Update: $20,000!

In other news—we gave away prizes yesterday! WINNERS from last night: Lifetime membership at the $20,000 mark—EFP (in Spain!), #258. Craig Clevenger hardcover—Darryl Foster, #299! Paperback—Clark, #309.


TODAY (2/10/16): We are giving away ONE signed Laird Barron X’S FOR EYES + Tuckerization today. New backers and upgrades are eligible for this drawing. (Tuckerization is the act of using a person’s name in an original story as an in-joke. The term is derived from Wilson Tucker, a pioneering American science fiction writer, fan and fanzine editor, who made a practice of using his friends’ names for minor characters in his stories.)


AND, anybody that pledges today (new) will get a free dirty limerick sent to the person of their choice (just in time for Valentine’s Day) by our staff poet, Heather Foster!

(Fine print: To enter Laird Barron drawing, you must pledge or upgrade $30 or more today, 2/10/16) by midnight CST. Prizes contingent upon successful funding.)

Thanks for your continued support! HEAD OVER NOW!


Day Nine Update: PRIZES!


We are over $18,000!

PRIZES! Today only: Signed copies of The Contortionist’s Handbook by Craig Clevenger. Subscribe or upgrade to win one of two copies (one paperback, one hardcover). If you haven’t read this fantastic neo-noir, transgressive novel, you are missing out. There were a few books that really influenced me when I first started writing, and this was one of them. Will Christopher Baer’s Kiss Me, Judas was another. Craig was also responsible for me getting my story, “Stillness” in Shivers VI alongside Stephen King and Peter Straub, my first professional sale. I never would have sent it out if he hadn’t encouraged me. When I was out in LA for AWP a few years ago, I embarrassed myself by pulling out a suitcase of books for him to sign (seriously, a SUITCASE) that’s what a fanboy I am. He’s also the only author I’ve taken TWO classes from, both fantastic.

FINE PRINT: Must pledge OR upgrade at least $30; contingent on successful funding of Gamut.

Day Eight: Gamut Update and Women in Horror Month


Women in Horror Month is great, but how about we include women from the beginning, and all year long? It was always an important aspect of Gamut, from day one. 62% of our authors are women; 53% of our poets are women; and 50% of our staff are women:

Damien Angelica Walters, Letitia Trent, Mercedes M. Yardley, Alyssa Wong, Lindsay Hunter, Amanda Gowin, Laura Benedict, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Sarah Read, Paula Bomer, Kelly Luce, Livia Llewelyn, Carmen Machado, Nina McConigley, Antonia Crane, Kristi DeMeester, Tara Ison, Cassandra Khaw, Nikki Guerlain, Lucy A. Snyder, JS Breukelaar, Helen Marshall, Amelia Gray, H. L. Nelson, Jacklyn Dre Marceau, Nickole Brown, Cate Marvin, Carrie Jerrell, Erica Dawson, Laura Van Prooyen, Simone Muench, Heather Foster, Whittney Jones, and Jeannine Hall Gailey.

We’re over $16,000 but still need your help, we have a long way to go! Think of that ONE friend of yours that you really think might enjoy what we’re doing—and invite them in! Are you in a writing group or workshop? Let them know—we’ll pay ten cents a word for original fiction! Have a big following on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog? Post up a message and a link!


Day Seven Update! So much to share.


WE’RE OVER $16,000! And there are a lot of new rewards:

We added postcard sets, so be sure to check those out, with work by Luke Spooner, Bob Crum, Daniele Serra, George Cotronis, and Jennifer Moore.

Michael Bailey added a ton of excellent Written Backwards books, in some really cool packages as well.

We added a video package, consisting of five thirty minute talks from myself, Mercedes M. Yardley, Heather Foster, Dino Parenti, and Casey Frechette.

And, my daughter want to help, so she helped me shoot a movie last night.

You in yet?

Day Five: Gamut Update!

Good morning!

Lots of stuff to talk about today.

1. We’re over $10,000 and 200 backers! If we keep up this pace we’ll fund in twenty days! To celebrate we gave away FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS to the 200th backer and a random selection. Congratulations to Seamus Scanlon (#200) and random drawing winner Brian Kirk (#14).

2. We added a new reward of rare and signed Chuck Palahniuk books from my personal collection for $200. Go take a look!

3. We added a CONSULTATION package at $60 for a subscription and 30 minutes with myself and Mercedes M. Yardley where you can ask us anything about writing, editing, publishing, etc. Limited. See reward for details.


4. I added back in another 20 SHORT STORY EDITING packages. They sold out quickly last time, and people were asking about them. See reward for information. $60.

5. We added my TRIM THE FAT class as a reward as well, which will be executed via an email, at your own pace method. $150. See reward for details. Limited.

6. We’re working on other exciting rewards, including a video session from each of the staff members on different aspects of writing. Keep an eye out for that.

7. Saturday we will be a Kickstarter FEATURED PUBLISHING PROJECT! Out of 541 live campaigns, this is quite an honor.

WHEW! Thanks for reading, thanks for being a part of this, and thank you all for spreading the word.

I can’t do this without your support.