Blurbs are leaking for the Noir at the Bar anthology

“Come on in and please grab yourself a drink or two before we start, you’ll want to brace yourself for these stories of crime and transgression from the scourge of St. Louis’s literate.” —Noir at the Bar WARM REACTIONS TO N@B FROM PILLARS OF THE CRIME FICTION COMMUNITY: “I’ve told you repeatedly that I do […]

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“Ten Steps” is now live at ChiZine (The Chiaroscuro)

My story “Ten Steps” is now up at ChiZine (Chiaroscuro) as part of their major new relaunch. I wrote this at the Jack Ketchum intensive at The Cult. So many other great voices here, in the previous, and coming weeks, I can’t possibly list them all but let me shout out at least a few […]

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